Self Employed Finance

Need a new Van or Commercial Vehicle?

T Mac are able to offer car loans to the self-employed even if they have recently been refused car finance. As we all know at this moment in time most self-employed people are struggling to get car finance for their new vehicles.

T Mac, however, are pleased to confirm that even if you have a poor credit history we can usually approve your loan application, we take a different approach with the self-employed and often accept self-employed customers with county court judgements, defaults, arrears, previous bankruptcies etc.

Whilst there is no such thing as guaranteed car finance we are currently accepting two out of every three bad credit car finance applications. T Mac specialise in car loans for customers with bad credit, once you have applied we aim to get you a decision within the hour.

Once you're accepted you'll be able to buy any vehicle from us, we can also arrange finance for vans and light commercial vehicles, with little or no deposit. We only need to see the following identification to get your self-employed, bad credit loan accepted, copy of your passport or birth certificate, copy of your driving licence and bank statements. Once we have all the required items the deal will be funded and you can then drive away your new car.

The whole process from start to finish normally takes a few days.

Remember, if you have bad credit including county court judgements, defaults, arrears, previous bankruptcy, IVA or a payment arrangement, it need not stop you getting your new car.

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