Bankrupt/CCJ Finance

Require used car finance? But have bad credit?

Even if you don't have a great credit file or have experienced problems in the past, you could still be eligible for car finance through our lenders. We work with finance partners who are happy to lend based on what people can afford now, rather than what's happened in the past.


We look at your individual circumstances and current affordability so may be able to help within six months of satisfying a bankruptcy order.

CCJ'S (County Court Judgements)

Even if you have recently received a county court judgement (CCJ), our lenders will consider your application.

IVA'S (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)

If you've been under an IVA in the past and it's now settled, we can consider an application. If you have an IVA at the moment, we suggest you check with your IVA company first as we might need written confirmation from them that you're allowed to borrow again.

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